Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jobless Fresh Grad Hits Alma Mater due to Call Center Work Offer

A jobless fresh graduate of a 5 year course got disappointed with his Alma Mater for being referred in a call center.

It appears that the Facebook user laments that his University wants its graduates to become call center agents.

Check out his Facebook Post Below;

Early this morning I received a text message from a CALL CENTER COMPANY and offer me a job as data analyst, sadly they got my contact details from my own and beloved ALMA MATER.
Yes I am jobless right now but I am a 5 YEAR DEGREE HOLDER and this job referral is a mock to my face and to my profession!!(no offense to all my relatives and friends who are in the call center industry).
I am just very disappointed to my ALMA MATER by doing this!
How shameless are you by doing this to me and to all the alumni of our beloved University. Is this the dream that you offer to us when we first enter the door of our University? You want us to become CALL CENTER AGENTS? (again no offense)
It is tempting to all jobless graduates to grab this kind of opportunity but if you think that this referral help your graduates it’s a big NO! NO! Its better you didn’t do this!
This only show that our University dind’t care about the future of their Graduates but we are only good in PULICITY
#EducationNotForSale #StopCommercialism #SortFirstBeforeReferal #RIPtoallJoblessGraduates

As a call center employee, reading his post did not offend me at all, simply because the kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I was upset because there are a lot of young “smart” people out there who would prefer to be jobless and rely on their parents than work in a call center. Sometimes, a high school graduate or a college undergraduate working in the BPO industry is way better than a college graduate who thinks that working in the BPO industry is a dead end job.

Below are the reactions from other netizens.

Credits to Jiro's FB account for the photos.


  1. He wasn't offered an agent position. He was offered a data analyst position which i assume likely akin to his course. It's a shame he has negative sentiments about the BPO industry and cannot see past the fact that it's not all about being an agent but there are other departments and other opportunities in a call center career. It's also sad that in his 5 years of college he never learned that Call Centers has helped in improving our economy and that the post offered might kick start his line of expertise. What a shame.

  2. Architecture graduate sya, so I understand where he's coming from. Sayang ang skills nya for the post being offered.

  3. There are BPOs that handle architecture and engineering firms, and yes, they handle things from the basics to the upper level work, here in the Philippines. Not all BPOs are call-related. Business Process Outsourcing means jobs that get sent to be done offshore from the main office, usually in another country where the company could be cost-effective vs hiring employees locally in their area which might mean more expense. This kid needs to wake up. He's no longer in school and needs to learn how the real world works before he hurts himself.

  4. Hiyang hiya naman ang accenture sayo.

  5. Tutal taga NU Ka naman daw simulan mo na mag design ng mga SM.

  6. Archi...pwede sana sa Graphics department...kaso sa attitude nya...wag nalang. Makapagmataas naman si kuya..taas ng pinag-aralan..higaan/upuan sa bahay lang naman kayang bagsakan.

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