Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Viral Call Center Related Videos and Posts of 2014

The year is about to end so we decided to compile call center related videos and Facebook posts that went viral on social media. In case you missed it check out our compilation below.

7. Aegis Malaysia Hits Philippines

Flood is a natural disaster and is avoidable in fact it is starting to become a global issue. Even Malaysia is not safe in terms of flood see the latest video below captured 12/23/2014.
6. Check out the video below of the Youngest Call Center Agent that hit the social media around June 2014. As of this writing the video has reached more than 400,000 views.

5. Call Center Agent Victimized by Fake Recruiter

A BPO job seeker looking for non-voice post was victimized by a woman named "Grace" who pretended to be a recruiter from Sykes. The alleged suspect will first get your trust and ask for your number. “Grace” would then send you a message that you are hired for a non-voice post and you are required to change clothes “Grace” would then accompany you to the store to buy a clothes and once you are inside the dressing room the alleged suspect would run away together with your belongings.

Alleged Suspect who's still at large. 

4. A Facebook user shared her experience about these “recruiters” that posted a Data Encoder job on a Facebook Group for call center employees only to find out that instead of data encoder position they were being recruited for a networking company.  See the screen shot of her FB post below;
3. Alleged Call Center Employee Caught on Video Presumably Stealing a Wallet

The wallet contains 80,000 pesos worth of cash and based on the description on the lanyard (Color Blue with 3 letters) I think he might be working for IBM,WNS  or HGS.
Check out the video below and be the judge if he's guilty or not.

2. Netizen Hits Call Center Employees Due to Lack of Discipline

Check out our take about this concern by clicking on the link below;

1. Australian Contacts Call Center in the Philippines speaking in Fluent Tagalog.
For a source of good vibes and laugh watch the video of Chris of Maputing Cooking below;

Check out the message from Chris
Oi BPO mates! WATCH and SHARE my hilarious video: White guy calls Philippine contact center in Tagalog  – and your next caller could be Chris Urbano himself. Yep – If this video hits 500k views, I promise to make 5 more calls to Philippine contact centers among the following: Telstra, ANZ Bank, Optus, Citibank, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase and if you’re the lucky agent who answers my call – I’ll send you a special prize from Wine By Chris Urbano !!!

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