Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trending Call Center Memes

Here’s a collection of the best call center memes that we have seen so far from the web and from the Facebook Page Tagacallcenterako.

  1. When system issues occur the whole floor becomes a party place.
  2. The moment that your customer says you speak like an American. 
  3. When there’s a high volume of calls and TL/Manager/Sup announced a Team Meeting.  

4. The moment that you are being asked why your stats are low. 

  • 5. Our reaction when we are dealing with difficult customers. 
    6. That awesome moment when you were able to spell a difficult name correctly.
    7. Tech support representatives on Granny Calls.
    8. While checking on your pay slip and you think there's a dispute on the salary. 

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