Saturday, November 15, 2014

Movie Teaser Video: English Only Please

English Only Please is a movie about a foreigner who's seeking for a tutor to teach him how to speak in Filipino language. The movie will be shown on December 25, 2014 starring Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado.

As part of the call center industry I had a great time watching the movie teaser.
To get the job you need to translate the words below;

"Hi liar, you are a sl*t, you are the worst most ridiculous thing that ever happened to me. You are a lying cheating gold digging b***."

See the Funny Youtube clip below and check how Jennylyn Mercado nailed it.

We all now that call center employees are having a hard time to follow the English Only Policy rule in the workplace. EOP is second on our list of things that I have learned while working in the call center and most of us can relate to it.

If you missed our article about What I Have Learned click on the link below;

My wife wants us to watch this film because it is a breather from the constant MMFF movie franchises that we see every year.

Would you watch the film?

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