Sunday, December 7, 2014

List of BPO and In-House Companies that Provides Excellent Training

Training magazine the 50 year old professional and development magazine has released its Training Top 125 for 2014. Training Top 125 is a worldwide ranking of companies or organizations that shines in training and development of individuals.

Since Training Top 125 awards global companies, we decided to gather BPO and In-House companies that have branches or subsidiary in the Philippines. Here’s the list.
2014 Rank2013 RankCompany NameBusiness
1720Capital OneFinance/Banking
2016Automatic Data Processing, IncBusiness Service
33110Afni, IncContact Center Provider
4293Wells Fargo & Co.Finance/Banking
6235Allied International Credit Business Services
7689Tech Mahindra Ltd.IT Services & Solutions
11287Cognizant TechnologySolutions Technology
117no dataAditya Birla MinacsBusiness Services

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

The companies above provides an excellent training to new hires so expect a quality learning session that could last for 2 months. As for regular employees you would experience exceptional coaching, mentoring and career development.

Some BPO companies would cut down training days to lower costs, which could lower down the quality of employees. Other companies give bonds to new hires or trainees so, don’t be surprised if your employment contract would include a training bond. Based on our experience training bonds could go high as
Php 100,000 plus 1 year stay in the company which if not fulfilled you have to shoulder the training bond. A training bond is normal because it’s the company’s way of ensuring that you won’t resign after training.

Is your company listed above? If not your company might be listed on 2015 Training Top 125 awards which will be announced February 9, 2015.

To see the list of all companies click the link below:
Note: Since the BPO industry is so huge we might have missed some companies also we are not trained in various call centers so, please let us know via the comments section. Thank you.

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