Monday, September 15, 2014

Must See: 4 Year Old Call Center Agent

Some BPO companies accept high school graduates and job seekers as young as 18 years old can also work in a call center provided that they would be able to pass all the tedious hiring process. Watch as a 4 year old tries to perform our job and it looks  to me that he was able to ace it.
I would give this kid a 10/10 since he was able to nail the opening script, empathy most of all awesome closing spiel by providing all the necessary information. From the looks of it this should work for irate callers, I mean how could you shout or curse to a young kid. Well for us, It's always a good day if we did not encounter a shouting customer or a customer that has thrown all the curse words at you however, there's would always be a good feeling inside once you pacify and helped an angry caller.  How would you rate the kid's performance? Head on to the comments section so that we can discuss.

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