Saturday, September 13, 2014

India is Getting Back some BPO Businesses from the Philippines

According to sources  BPO companies are going back to India for their outsourcing needs citing less talent pool. With over 1 billion population compared to 100 million Filipinos, India has the numbers to get more seats.

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Among the companies that relocated due to sales factor includes Best Buy, and Telstra while 600 jobs from Aegis have been moved to India from the Philippines due to the same reasons. It looks to me that some companies can’t resist this sales factor since it lowers their operating costs. Here’s a sample scenario let’s say your account’s individual sales target for the month is $700 and you pushed yourself to the limits to hit the sales target because we all know that this is also a part of your metric however, your salary is $600 so what’s happening is that your account just saved some money in paying for your salary. Some sites are already self-sustaining meaning they are getting all their expenses through upselling performed by front line employees this results to lesser operating costs since they don’t have to allocate funds for our salary and other expenses like electricity and office rental fees.

 photo credit: ILO in Asia and the Pacific via photopin cc

The source also pointed out that the days of pure-voice is fading fast since email and chat are good channels of getting support. Introduction of new BPO technologies like Agent-assisted automation (all tasks of the agent will be performed by a computer) can also benefit India because of its progressive BPO infrastructure. Though this is just a small number, the Philippines must not be complacent we must act and ensure that we remain the Call Center Capital of the World. The IT-BPO association of the Philippines should do something to enhance our Infrastructure if it’s not at par with India.

As a call center employee what do you think we can do to ensure that we remain the BPO capital of the world?


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