Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tips on How to Pass Versant English Assesment

When I first took the Versant assessment I failed, maybe because I don’t know what to expect and the test was done at the end of an exhausting shift.  I was dead tired and so sleepy that I can’t follow a simple instruction. My failure to pass the exam resulted to non-selection for leadership training. Some applicants try to avoid companies that require Versant as part of the recruitment process in fear of failing the test, the guide below could help you in acing it. 

Versant is a tool used by different companies and institutions to test your language skills. Based on the company’s website it is the recognized leader in the call center and BPO industry for language testing.  Since Versant has different language tests we will focus on the English speaking assessment.   Once you’re ready the testing officer will give you a sheet of paper (if the test is performed trough hard phone) with details on how to start the exam. Read Part A of the test paper give at least 5 minutes to get yourself familiarized with it, once you’re ready  dial the number indicated on the test paper.

The exam has 6 parts which consists of:

PART A:  Reading. Please read the sentences as you are instructed.                
A voice prompt will inform you to read a specific sentence (Sample voice prompt: Please read sentence no. 4) read the sentence loud and clear to get a great score.

PART B: Repeat. Please repeat each sentence that you hear.                
You will hear different sentences spoken in various accents; once the voice prompt stops you have to repeat the sentence. Your listening skills will be the key. As you repeat the sentence speak loud and clear, don’t imitate the accent and avoid too much pause.

PART C: Questions. Now, please just give a simple answer to the questions.               
A voice prompt says, “Would you get water from a bottle or a newspaper?” then you would answer, “a bottle “ or “from a bottle” . Listen carefully on the question because sometimes the answer is included in the question.  

PART D:  Sentence Builds. Now, please rearrange the word groups into a sentence.                
A voice prompt says, “was reading” … “my mother” … “her favorite magazine” then you arrange it to form a sentence “My mother was reading her favorite magazine”.

PART E:  Story Telling.                
A story will be spoken followed by a beep  as soon as you hear the beep, you need to retell the story in 30 seconds once the given time has lapsed you will hear another beep.  Retell the story as much as you can.

PART F: Open Questions               
You need to answer 2 questions about family life or personal choices; you will have 40 seconds to answer each question. The questions will be spoken twice then you will hear a beep, another beep will be heard at the end of the 40 second mark.

Tips in taking the Versant:

1.       Have a good night sleep, a good sleep improves the memory.
2.       If the test is being performed at the end of your shift, ask if you can re-schedule the test before your shift starts this would ensure that you have enough energy while taking the assessment.
3.       Be natural in speaking and pronouncing the words, never fake your accent unless you’re really comfortable with a different accents it would be ok.
4.       Listen carefully on the voice prompts and never lose your focus.
5.       Speak loud and clear; give a short pause in commas.

Now give it a try. Follow the steps above using the sample test below and record your voice using your mobile phone repeat until you are satisfied with your results. Don't hesitate to ask  feedback from someone on how you are progressing.
Source of the sample test paper, click

To hear a sample of the voice prompt click and save the file
To request for a demo exam

Sample questions for part E

By following the tips above you should be able to pass Versant assessment with flying colors. If you have additional tips on how to pass the exam kindly head on to the comments section so that we can help others employees that would take the exam.   

photo credit: wmrice via photopin cc


  1. thank you for the tips it was really helpful can you post some interview tips as well

  2. the concept of versant is more likely a videoke the louder you speak the higher score you will get

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    2. Visited your blog but don't have access to it.. looks like only invited ppleople are allowed..

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